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    Software - Applications

    Printable calendars; applications to manage collections; business management software

    Calendars Managing Collections Business Horological Calculations Designing Bottom
    • Calendars
      • . Free web app to make custom photo calendars
      • , free printable custom calendars
      • from Printfree.com
      • . Print Your Solar Noon Calendar wherever you are in the world. Site provides you with a table showing the exact time of solar noon for your exact location for each day of the year, enabling you to set up your sundial with accuracy
    • Software to Manage Collections
      • by PrimaSoft Software - shareware for Windows
      • by Data Village -a full-featured database system that tracks your clocks, jewelry, gems and similiar items
      • - Cataloging software
      • by Novato Technology - commercial software for Windows to manage your collections
      • by INtex Publishing - commercial software for managing your collectables. For Windows, iOS, and Mac
      • by Carlisle Development Corp - comprehensive inventory management software for collectors of all collectibles
      • by Collectorpro Software Group, Inc. - shareware for Windows
      • by PhotoSoft Systems - stores information from a variety of collections known as Themes
      • , track any type of collection you may have. Customizable and very strong reporting features
      • by Collectible Solutions, Inc - easily inventory virtually anything you collect
      • - online personal secure watch collectors catalogue raisonné site application
    • Business Software
      • - Art and antiques management
    • Designing & Creating Clocks
      • by ekits online - design and make your own clocks

    Calendars Managing Collections Business Horological Calculations Designing Top