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    Parts Fabrication for Clock & Watch Movements

    Businesses and individuals that provide fabrication of parts for movements

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    • Sources for Parts Machining (wheels, pinions, barrels, etc.)
      • Canada, , Qualicum Beach, BC, barrels, wheels, and pinions for clocks and watches
      • Canada, , West Vancouver, sympathetic movement restoration and servicing
      • Germany, , Bremen, cutting of wheels and pinions
      • Italy, , Treviso, wheels, pinions, parts
      • Malta, , wheel and pinion cutting service, also hands, frets, and dials
      • UK, , Blacko, Nelson, Lancs, custom parts for antique clock movements, wheel and pinion cutting, spindle and arbour turning
      • UK, , St. Margaret's Bay, Kent & London, wheel and pinion cutting
      • UK, , Seal, Kent, clock movement and cabinet restoration
      • UK, , Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, wheel and pinion cutting
      • UK, , Birstall, Leicester
      • UK, , Green Close, Sheffield, cutting of wheels and pinions
      • UK, , Ashbourne, Derbyshire
      • UK, , Langport, Somerset, movements can be refurbished and missing or damaged parts re-fabricated
      • UK, , Bournemouth, wheel and pinion cutting service
      • UK, , Woodville, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, wheel and pinion cutting for clocks
      • USA, , Elm Grove, WI, horological machining from balance staffs to wheels and pinions
      • USA, , Latta, SC, regular maintenance, bushing, lathe work, gear cutting, movement replacement, and case repair
      • USA, , Irving, TX, wheel and pinion specialists
      • USA, , Santa Barbara, CA, service to devise highly accurate gear trains
      • USA, , Lima, OH, wheel cutting and repivoting. Lantern and solid pinions made
      • USA, , Topton, PA, pivots, bushes, pinions, wheels, hands etc.
      • USA, , Carnation, WA, micro and small scale machining
      • USA, , Amherst, MA, specializing in making parts on an as needed basis for watch and clockmakers. Repivoting and platform repairs welcome
      • USA, , Austin, TX, gears and other parts
      • USA, , Rockport, ME, specializing in cutting wheels and pinions; making arbors, barrels, snails and pallets; cutting gears for small mechanisms
      • USA, , Philadelphia, full machine shop for custom part fabrication
      • NY, , Amsterdam, clock wheelcutting and parts making
      • USA, , New London, WI, gears and pinions cut
      • USA, , Wallkill, NY, parts fabrication and watch wheel cutting
      • Also see Horological Parts and Material for used and spare parts, crystals, etc.
      • Also see Repair Shops in the U.S., the U.K., and Other Countries.
    • Sources for Reproduction Movements
      • India, , manufacturer of 8 day mechanical clock movements and parts to restore any old clock like Seth Thomas, Waterbury, etc.
      • USA, , Ariel, PA, reproduction clock works for tall clocks, Massachusetts shelf clocks or banjo/patent time pieces, and bespoke regulators and skeleton clocks
    • Other
      • USA, , Oshkosh, WI, repair of defective LeCoultre Atmos clock bellows
      • USA, , Elm Grove, WI, rebuilding rotors and coils for electric clocks
      • USA, , Torrington, CT, custom-made parts for American wood clock movements

    Movements Reproductions Other Top