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    Organizations for Professional & Commercial Members

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    • Professional Organizations
      • Australia, , professional association of watch and clockmakers
      • Australia, , professional clock and watchmakers
      • Finland, , national association looking for the best interests of watchmakers and watch-, clock- and precious metal products selling retail shops
      • Germany, , preserving the high quality standard of Black Forest clocks
      • Germany, , Berlin - Frankfurt/Oder - Potsdam
      • Germany, , Coesfield
      • Germany, , representing member businesses in the guild district
      • Germany, , promoting the German manufacturers of watch parts
      • Hong Kong,
      • Hong Kong, , promoting the local watch manufacturers' interests, trade and contacts with overseas counterparts
      • Japan, , a voluntary organization for the development of the domestic horological industry
      • Japan,
      • New Zealand, , the professional association of watch and clock makers and repairers in New Zealand
      • New Zealand, , part of the Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc
      • Singapore,
      • Switzerland,
      • Switzerland, [Horological Academy of Independent Creators]
      • Switzerland,
      • Switzerland,
      • Switzerland, , a platform of scientific and technical exchange of information relating to the clock making field
      • UK,
      • UK, , organizes trader shows for watch and jewelry dealers at different locations all over the world
      • UK,
      • USA,
      • USA,
    • Online Discussion Forums for Professionals
      • , The Horology Academy of Independent Watchmakers
      • - Restricted to those directly involved in the Trade
      • , a Yahoo! Group, improving the skill and professionalism of all watchmakers and clockmakers through the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices; membership by approval

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