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    Miscellaneous Information

    Things that don't fit elsewhere

    Styles Odds & Ends Chimes & Sounds Prints & Artwork Bottom
    • Styles
      • from Timothy Corrigan
      • from Antique Trader
      • form Liberty's
      • from Dave Blackman
    • Odds and Ends
      • from The Spruce
      • from Charles Edwin Inc.
      • Moving a Grandfather Clock Safely by Mike Murray, Adobe Acrobat 14KB
      • by Don Haven Lathrop - the question of using IV vs IIII, etc.
    • Chimes and Sounds
      • from Antique Clock Guy - sound files of several clock chimes
      • Clock Chimes from Gift of Time Clocks - discussion and explanation of clock chimes, including words to the tunes
      • Descriptions of most of the clock striking systems by Mike Murray, Adobe Acrobat 26KB
      • from Antique Clock Guy
      • from BilliB - discussion of several chimes and sound files
      • from Chronometrie.com
    • Prints, Photos, Posters, and Artwork
      • , watch and clock posters
      • , nearly 6,000 artistic photos of antique clocks
      • , antique clock stock photography
      • provides an extensive collection of free small prints, including a selection of watch and clock artwork
      • , large number of antique clock images including photographs and graphics. Images are free to browse and can be purchased
      • , prints of horological interest
      • from TimeZone

    Styles Odds & Ends Chimes & Sounds Prints & Artwork Top