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    Online Information for Collectors

    Websites containing concentrations of information and databases about specific horological interests

    Watches Clocks Ancient Timpepieces Articles & Reference Bottom
    • Collections of Information on Watches
      • French
      • German
      • English
      • by Sean C
      • from Jon Hanson, research notes
      • by Barry S Goldberg - info on jewels, fusee, the difference between grade and model
      • by Walt Odets, many articles about fine watch models with many photos
      • ; WristWatching is a free online course designed to teach you about timepieces
      • by Jeffrey Steiner - online guide to Heuer chronographs and dashboard timepieces
      • , resources on Oficina Panerai watches
      • from RedWatch.com, with particular interest in submariners
      • , information about fine watches
      • , watch information resource
      • by Chuch Maddux
      • , vintage wrist watches
      • Italian
      • [Mechanical watches and clocks]
      • Spanish
    • Collections of Information on Clocks
      • by Sean C
      • , french clocks, alarm clocks. Clock parts and tools sold. Documentation for French JAZ, BAYARD and DEP alarm clock collectors.
      • , a database with clocks around the world, including photographs
      • , a collecttion of information about the English punch clocks, Gledhill Brook Time Recorders
      • [The Antique Comtoise Clock]
      • , photo gallery of clocks and time systems by The Standard Electric Time 1399彩票app官方下载 of Springfield, MA. Includes master clocks, slaves, tower clocks and movements
      • - research data & examples of rare time recording clocks
      • , time recorders
    • Collections of Information for Ancient Timepieces
    • Standalone Articles & Reference (not collections)

    Watches Clocks Ancient Timpepieces Articles & Reference Top